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The Postgraduate programme in Management is a two-year full-time course.

IIM Udaipur, also known as Indian Institute of Management Udaipur/ IIMU was established in the year 2011. It offers the two-year Postgraduate programme, one-year postgraduate programme and other management development programmes. IIMU offers students with the freedom and institutional support that they need to explore their entrepreneurial ambitions. The programs reflect an in-depth orientation to entrepreneurship with an inspiring range of elective courses, intensive mentoring during the program, excellent placement options for students who choose to pursue an entrepreneurial venture. Individuals wishing to join IIM Udaipur need to ace the CAT exam to be able to get shortlisted for further rounds.

The Postgraduate programme in Management is a two-year full-time course. Admission to this flagship programme of IIM Udaipur is competitive and done through CAT(Common Admission Test) which is conducted every year. This programme consists of six trimesters over two years. First-year covers three trimesters covering foundation courses of different business functions. The second year consists of three trimesters covering elective courses.

The Postgraduate programme in Management for Executives is a one-year regular full-time course for all the aspirants having work experience. It’s a dual degree course that exists under the full partnership between IIMU and the prestigious Krannert School of Management at Purdue University, United States. It’s not a part-time MBA and admission process is done through GMAT score.

The Fellow Programme in Management is an equivalent course to Ph.D. in management. This programme is basically for research enthusiasts and future academicians. Students will receive a complete fellowship that covers the accommodations, cost of tuition and other program expenses.

For students from Indian Universities and Colleges, it is mandatory to have Master’s degree or must have appeared for the final exam of the final year. This program is not valid for Ph.D. students. It is mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree along with a working experience of 5 years for applicants from NGOs and Social Enterprises. Selection procedure will be done on the basis of Online application form with required supporting documents, Statement of purpose and Telephonic interview.

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