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Should I Write Cat As A Fresher Or Wait For A Few Years Of Job Experience

Often the MBA aspirants get confused about the advantages and disadvantages of taking the CAT exam as a fresher and as an experienced professional. Writing CAT as a fresher or as a working professional both have their merits and demerits. Here is a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the same.

Many MBA colleges do a very high level of profiling. Typically, 2-3 years of Work experience is considered as the optimum. However, as the job experience is rarely a primary criterion for the first-round selection (exceptions like SP Jain, etc.), the kind of work experience becomes very important. An experience as an Analyst in the big four is considered far more superior to having an experience in an MRC.

As you already have corporate experience, it helps a great deal if a company recruiting for the same profile comes for placement. From the company’s point of view, they spend far less on a candidate’s training if they already have experience.

One of the major drawbacks of giving the CAT Exam as a working professional is the lack of value time for studies. Students are generally very busy through the week to join a coaching and are always swamped with company projects. This was one of the primary reasons that StudySolver came up with the tablet mode of learning. You can do your CAT preparation by sitting at home whenever and wherever you want.

Many students claim that they would have scored greater in CAT had they given the exam in class 10 th . CAT, being an aptitude exam, depends a lot on the level of continuous preparation. As undergrad students have already prepared for Aptitude Tests for placements, they are in touch with most of the concepts.

As mentioned earlier, the level of aptitude of a student undergoing graduation is higher than a working professional which is a major factor in CAT preparation.

As the first round of every company is generally an aptitude test, preparing for CAT is beneficial for Under-Graduate placements also.

Last semester of a majority of colleges is light as compared to others. This enables a student to concentrate more hours on CAT preparation . At StudySolver thousands of students are already preparing for CAT simultaneously with their degree.

As mentioned earlier, there are MBA colleges that pay more attention to the profile of a candidate. Hence, it would be a slight disadvantage for a fresher.

Getting into the 95+ percentile score should be a student’s first priority. Given that, a job experience should always be the backup option after an MBA. Give it your best shot every time and get admission in any of the top B-Schools in the country.

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