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What is Fungi?

What is Fungi? Fungi is a heterotrophic, eukaryotic organism. Many times we find black dots on stale bread, yeast is used to make bread and beer, white spots on mustard leaves, mushrooms, are all examples of kingdom fungi. Fungi multiply and grow only under moist and warm conditions. Moreover, the total species of fungi that are known is more than 2,00,000. Now that you are familiar with the fungi meaning, let us understand the other important aspects. Structure of Fungi The structure of fungi contains the following:

– Sporangium – Spores – Food source – Hyphae

Characteristics of Fungi The characteristics of fungi include the following:

Classification of Fungi According to the fungi definition, they are classified mainly on two bases:

Based on Nutrition Mode On the basis of nutrition, the fungi are classified as follows:

The parasites are of two types, based on location:

Based on Spore Formation On the basis of spore formation, the fungi are classified as follows: Phycomycetes: 

Reproduction in Fungi The reproduction in fungi takes place in the following ways:

Uses of Fungi The fungi have several uses, which include:

What is the Mode of Nutrition in Fungi?

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