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What is Diabetes Glucose is the primary source of energy that we receive from food.

What is Diabetes Glucose is the primary source of energy that we receive from food. Insulin on the other, made in the pancreas helps turn the glucose into energy. When the pancreas fails to manufacture sufficient insulin, the glucose levels start to increase in the blood. This results in a condition known as diabetes. Thus, diabetes is a disease marked by high glucose levels in the blood. The carbohydrates and sugars we receive from the food are first converted into glucose in the body. This glucose is used up by cells in the presence of insulin to generate energy. In the absence or less quantity of insulin, glucose cannot be used by cells and thus, it remains in the blood. This leads to the accumulation of glucose in the blood and diabetes. Types of Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes – It is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus because in this condition pancreas fails to produce a sufficient amount of insulin. It mostly occurs in children and adolescents, although it can affect individuals of any age. In this type of diabetes, where the body itself produces less amount of insulin, insulin injections are prescribed to keep the blood glucose levels in check. Type 2 Diabetes – It is also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus which affects almost 90% of the individuals out of total diabetics and is frequently seen affecting people of middle or old ages. It is a condition where the cells in the body stop responding to the insulin available in the body. An unhealthy lifestyle, excessive body weight are the causes of this type of diabetes and hence, it is suggested to lose weight, exercise, and follow a healthy diet for individuals suffering from this condition. Gestational Diabetes – Diabetes that affects pregnant women during the gestation period is called gestational diabetes. Even women with no history of diabetes may have gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes usually goes away after delivery. Diet for Diabetic Patients A healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet not only help you stay fit and watch your weight but help control the sugar levels in the body. Diabetic patients need to watch what they eat. They must not eat sugary foods too much and have a proper diet chart to follow for their daily meals. Foods to be Avoided

Foods to Eat for Diabetics A diabetic patient must not have a lot of carbohydrates, fats, and high proteins. But without these macromolecules, a person cannot survive. They are the main sources of energy. Hence by avoiding an unhealthy diet containing bad fat, cholesterol, and proteins from animal sources, a diabetic should have a healthy diet containing good proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Diabetes Diet Chart [Image will be Uploaded Soon]

Chia seeds, wild salmon, white balsamic vinegar, cinnamon, and lentils are considered as the five-diabetes superfood.

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Brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa, oatmeal, fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, eggs, seafood, dairy, peas, tofu, lean meat and poultry

Processed sugar, red meat, sugary foods like cake, pastries, trans-fat-containing foods, chips, nachos, fried foods, high protein, fat or carbohydrate-containing foods