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To perform a test detecting the presence of urea in the given sample of urine.

To perform a test detecting the presence of urea in the given sample of urine.

Urine is produced by the kidney. It is a liquid waste that needs to be eliminated from the body. The kidneys eliminate the wastes from the bloodstream. In humans, urine is a yellowish liquid containing water and several other chemical components such as uric acid, urea, traces of enzymes, hormones, and carbohydrates.

It is produced naturally by the body while the proteins are disintegrated during which amino groups are eliminated from the  amino acids  that are in the proteins. The eliminated amino groups are converted into extremely toxic ammonia and furthermore into urea by the liver. The urea moves into the kidneys, where it is finally eliminated from the body.

For detection of urea in the urine sample, urease tests are performed. Urease is an enzyme that carries out the decomposition of urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia. Addition of an alkaline substance such as ammonium carbonate causes it to turn into an alkaline solution from slightly acidic urine.

The presence of urea in the given urine sample is indicated by the presence of brisk effervescence of nitrogen around the test tube.

The existence of urea in the given sample of urine is indicated when a red or pink colour appears in the solution.

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