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To learn about the difference between frog and toad, let’s get introduced to both the animals.

To learn about the difference between frog and toad, let’s get introduced to both the animals. Frog and Toad are members of the carnivorous group of animals that belong to the amphibians category of vertebrates. They need water and a moist environment to survive and can also breather and absorb water through their thin skin. Being amphibians, they have dual home, land and water and comprise special glands that can produce useful proteins. Some other animals that are amphibians include salamanders, blindworms and newts. 

A frog is an amphibian from the large carnivorous group of animals and it is tailless and short-bodied. Frogs can be found in the regions of tropics to subarctic and the maximum can be found in tropical rainforest. Warty frogs are termed as toads. Therefore, it’s said that all toads are frogs whereas all frogs are not toads. We will further discuss the difference between frog and toad in more detail in this article. An adult frog has a stout body with protruding eyes and limbs are folded underneath. They have anteriorly attached tongue and glandular skin. The secretions from the skin may be toxic and distasteful. Adult frogs do live in freshwater and dry land and some of them are adapted to live underground or terrestrial. Frog [Images will be upload soon]

A toad is an amphibian animal from the family Bufonidae which has dry and leathery skin with short legs and bumps (also called warts) that cover parotoid glands. Besides the family Bufonidae, it also belongs to families Calyptocephalellidae, Bombinatoridae, Myobatrachidae, Microhylidae, Rhinophrynidae and Scaphiopodidae. Compared to frogs, a toad is found in terrestrial habitat and has drier and roughier skin. Toads are known to travel to all areas of the ponds and lakes including breeding and non-breeding areas. They do not mate with close kin and females recognize the kins by difference in male vocalizations. A toad also belongs to the same order Anura (tailless) to that of a frog. Toad [Images will be uploaded soon]

We have put a frog and toad difference below in a tabular form according to their characteristics. It will help you to easily identify toad vs frog next time you find them in front of your eyes.

We just found out how the tadpoles of frogs and toads differ in their appearance. Let’s learn more about tadpoles. Frogs and toad reproduce by laying eggs and these eggs are hatched to form aquatic larvae known as tadpoles. Tadpoles have internal gills and tails with highly specialized mouthparts. They later metamorphose into adults and the life cycle is completed. A tadpole is also called a pollywog and is fully aquatic, however, rare tadpoles of a few amphibians can be terrestrial.      

Ans. Frogs and Toads can be herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. They rely on spiders, insects, slugs and worms for food intake. Some of the bigger species can even chew mice, birds and other small invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians.

Ans. A Frog is smaller than a toad and its skin is slimmer, thinner and slippery whereas a toad has rough and dry skin covered with hard bumps or warts. A frog can jump or leap higher than toads as they are lighter and smaller than toads. Frogs possess webbed feet but on the other hand, toads do not possess.

Ans. Yes, some frogs like ‘golden poison frogs’ are highly toxic and can kill upto 10 men with its poison.

Ans. Tadpole is a larval stage in the lifecycle of a Frog. After a frog or any amphibian lays eggs, these eggs are hatched into larvae called tadpoles. Later, the tadpole is metamorphosed into a frog or adult amphibian.

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Frogs have smooth, slippery and moist skin.

Toads have roughier, drier and patchy skin composed of warts or hard bumps.

Frogs are seen to be lean and slender in appearance.

Toads are shorter but bulkier than frogs.

Toads are found crawling and this is how they do movement from one place to another.

Frogs are found in nearby water their whole lives.

Toads are very much adapted to living on terrestrial or land areas.

Frogs have webbed feet that help them to live in semi-aquatic areas.

Frogs are found jumping higher due to their long legs.

Toads have shorter legs and as compared to frogs, they cannot jump or leap so high.

The lifespan of frogs may vary from upto 16 years; the oldest frogs are found to live up to 21 years.

Their life span is 10-15 years; a common toad called Bufo bufo is found to have lived upto 40 years.

The length of frog is found to be 6-9 cm and varies according to the varieties.

Their length is 10 to 13 cm or 5-6 inches and width is 7 cm.

Skin of a frog varies as there are 3000 different species found; the most common colour is leafy green and muddy brown.

Toads are of different colours; their back is greyish black and their belly is yellowish grey.

Some frogs are highly poisonous; golden poison frogs are the most poisonous that can kill 10 men.

Cane toads are toxic as their toxins can kill cats and dogs.

40 million years ago when the climate was warmer, frogs could be found in Antarctic regions.

They are less found in Antarctic regions.

A horrified toad swells up to bigger size when it finds its predator.

The tadpoles of frogs are slimmer and golden in appearance.

The tadpoles of toads are black and chunky in appearance.