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Therefore, old age is the final stage of the life cycle and death is the end of human life cycle.

Human life cycle is the cycle that occurs in human beings and involves a time period for different stages of life. The ideal nutrition and physical well-being ensures prosperity of each stage and helps humans to live more. The major six stages of the human life cycle are known that starts with the prenatal stage where fertilisation takes place and foetal development occurs inside a mother and then ends with the death of human beings. Therefore, old age is the final stage of the life cycle and death is the end of human life cycle. Human life cycle biology chapter is there in the books for students and it is easy to understand. In this we’ll talk about human life cycle and the various stages of human life cycle.

The Human Life Cycle consists of various stages that include foetus, baby, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and elderly; these are discussed in detail as follows:

This stage comprises people who fall in the range of ages between 20 -65 years and they are called adults. This is the right age for the process of reproduction and making babies. Adults can be young adults i.e. 20-36 years, middle-aged adults i.e. 36-55 years and older adults i.e. 55-65 years.

A person who reaches 65 years of age generally belongs to the elderly group. The average life expectancy of a person can range from 70-85 years. It also depends on the overall health and fitness of a person. The healthier a person is, their life expectancy is more. So, these were the six different stages of the human life cycle explained above that include foetus (pregnancy), birth of a baby (infant), toddler or preschooler, teenager, adult man/woman and old person. [Image to be added Soon]

Adolescence is one of the various stages of the human life cycle where a growing child turns to the age of thirteen years and it continues till the age of nineteen years. During this time, a growing child undergoes puberty and develops physical changes such as hair growth, strong muscles, voice cracking, breast development (in girls) and so on.

Human development and growth is taken care of by the proper nutrition and energy. Also, this energy has to be recycled with the help of physical exercises that help build muscles and strength which assist us to live longer. In all the stages of human life, be it infant, toddler, adolescence, adult or elderly, basic nutrients such as carbohydrates, fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals are important for sustenance of a healthy lifestyle.