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There are many types of fibers and it has vast uses in our daily life.

Fibers are a continuous chain of molecules that are considered to be filamentous in shape and are also a discrete elongated piece, similar to lengths of thread. There are many types of fibers and it has vast uses in our daily life. In biology they also have significance. Fibers help to hold tissues together in both plants and animals. Fibers are obtained from different sources. Fibers are spun into filaments, string or rope. It can be used as a component of composite materials or matted into sheets to make products like paper. Organic fibers that are found in vegetables and foods are non-digestible. 

Based on the source of fiber it can be classified into two types.

Based on the constituent of the fibers, we can further divide the Natural fibers and artificial fibers as follows

We can observe different properties based on the constituent of the particular fiber.

Cotton wears are hypoallergenic and it is considered to be a very strong fiber. Cotton is soft and it has great cooling properties and that’s the reason it’s considered to be a breathable fabric. On the other hand, synthetic fibers don’t have these properties. Moreover, cotton fibers burn with a low flame, but synthetic fibers melt and cotton has less burning time than the synthetic fibers. So synthetic burn is more dangerous than cotton burn. So, we can conclude that Cotton wear is better than synthetic wear.

Biological source, active constituent, and uses of three natural fiber are stated below –