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The word cryo comes from the Greek word “kayos” meaning “frost”.

The word cryo comes from the Greek word “kayos” meaning “frost”. It means preservation in a “frozen state”. It is the process of cooling and storing cells, tissues, or organs at very low temperatures to maintain their viability. Cryopreservation is a technique in which low temperature is used to preserve the living cells and tissue. In this technique, tissues can be preserved for a very long time. The science which deals with cryopreservation is known as “cryobiology”. It can be done over the following temperature :

The technique followed by the regeneration of plants involves the following steps.

The development of animal cell lines is expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. The continuous cell line has several advantages of over fertilizers cell lines such as:

Due to the gradual disappearance of economic and rare species the necessity for storage of genetic resources increases. The convent journal method of the storage fails to prevent losses caused by:

The material to be preserved is stored at low temperatures due to which growth rate of cells retards. Consequently, biological activities are reserved for a long period of time.

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