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The Two Types of Projects in Biology:

The fundamental concept of studying biology, as a subject, is to understand about living and nonliving organisms and also about different scientists and their contributions in inventions or discoveries related to life, its existence and functioning. The subject studies branches including Anatomy (the study of physical structure), Botany (the study of plants), Evolution (the study of generations and species), Genetics (the study of genes), and Zoology (the study of the animal kingdom), etc.

The Two Types of Projects in Biology:

Below is a list of biology projects for class 11 related to plants and the human body.

(image will be uploaded soon) Vermicomposting is a method wherein biodegradable wastes are used to make manure, which can be used as an alternative for chemical fertilizer. It’s a process in which earthworms and microbes decompose the plant waste into manure. Vermicomposting is done in the presence of water, proper climatic conditions, and pH. There are two methods of vermicomposting, Pit method (organic matter collected in cemented pits) and Bed method (beds of organic matter are prepared). The bed method is a prominent method, and one would get to learn a lot in it. One can use a bin and can store earthworms and other waste in it. The container should be covered with the help of polythene or dry grass, as it will help to maintain the temperature.

(image will be uploaded soon) Blood plays a significant role in the transportation of oxygen to the cells. Karl Landsteiner invented the ABO blood group system. He explained that there are four different blood groups, A, B, AB, and O. These blood groups are differentiated by the presence of antibodies and antigens, on the surface of the red blood cells. The system O blood group is the universal donor, while the AB blood group is the universal recipient. Also, it’s essential to match the blood group of the donor and the provider, or else it can be life-threatening. The blood group of any individual is studied by the genes which are inherited from the parents. It’s a very exciting biology project for class 11 because there are lots of lab work and lab equipment handling.

(image will be uploaded soon) Being a fluid connective tissue, blood helps in the transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body from the heart, with the help of blood vessels called arteries. The reading of blood pressure is given by the systolic pressure and by the diastolic pressure. Through this project, the student can learn the relation between pulse and blood pressure. It’s an exciting topic, as the student will get to learn how to use a blood pressure cuff and measure pulse.

(image will be uploaded soon) There are in all five stages in mitosis: prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. The division of cytoplasm is known as cytokinesis, which usually occurs in the telophase. In this project, the student will learn every stage of mitosis along with the different events. This project is even more exciting as one will prepare their own specimen of onion root to visualize mitosis.

The human body requires different vitamins to fight off a disease or to make the body function well. There are 13 vitamins, but the sources of these vitamins are very vast. Basically, there are two types of vitamins, fat-soluble and water-soluble. Hence by choosing this project, the student can learn about different vitamins and their sources with the help of websites or reference books. It will be quite interesting to explore the world of vitamins.

(image will be uploaded soon) Just like humans, plants also have different systems to survive. Through transpiration, plants lose water from the pores on their leaves called stomata. This is a transparent process but plays an integral part in the water cycle as it adds water to the air. In simpler words, the transpiration of plant projects will help a student to learn how the water pressure changes in the plant cells. For this, the students have to take a plant and cover it with a plastic bag and can study the process.

Biology is a foundation subject for MBBS and other B. Sc courses; hence it becomes essential to stick not only to the regular curriculum and theory but also to do projects and gain practical knowledge too. This will help students to explore the subject at any level. The project in biology covers all the vital research, and it gives a better conclusion. Practical knowledge is even more important than the regular curriculum and theory in biology. In biology projects, students try to explore every concept, in detail, and they try to come to their individual conclusion through studies and experiments.

There are different project options like a study on gene therapy or the effects of antibiotics on microorganisms. These two projects can be done by preparing documents as they will require detailed information about genes and medicines. Drug addiction is also a great topic to work on for the project. If the students want to do practical, then they can go for a topic like growing yeast by sugar fermentation. Moreover, one can even select the effects of diet on body glucose and diabetes and exercise, which can fall under Biology investigatory projects for class 11. Choose the best topic for the biology project as per your comfort.

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