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The rhizome and tuber are the modified stems which store food.

The rhizome and tuber are the modified stems which store food. What is rhizome? Rhizomes are horizontal underground stems with non-green, fleshy, distinct nodes and internodes. These are brownish in colour and are auxiliary as well as apical buds. They contain terminal buds and run parallel to the ground The common types of rhizomes are Alocasia indica, ginger and banana. Rhizomes are also called root stalks, which usually grow perpendicular to the direction of the force of gravity, i.e. they grow horizontal. The rhizome rootstock grows vertically upwards instead of horizontal. Also Read:  Modifications of Root What is tuber? The tuber is a fleshy  part of the plant  which stores food. Potato is the most common tuber largely used as food. The lower part of the potato gets covered by the earth where the adventitious branches grow. The tuber is covered with a number of depressions called “eye” and each eye represents a node.   Also Read:  Modifications of Stem Let’s learn some more differences between rhizome and tuber.

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Rhizomes are thickened underground stems.

Tubers are modified stems with starchy interiors

Tubers do not have a well-organized growing habit.

Tubers do not have a standard shape.

The nodes of a tuber develop into roots and shoots.

The nodes of a tuber develop into both roots and stems.

It is the underground branches of the stem or underground root.

Rhizomes are low in starch content.

Predominant classification cannot be found in Rhizomes.

There are two types of tubers-stem and root tubers.

Asparagus, Bamboo, Chinese lantern, ginger, Lotus, the Venus Flytrap, Western poison-oak, turmeric, etc.

Anemones, begonia, carrot, cassava, dahlia, oxalis, potato, sweet potatoes, Tuberous, yams, etc.