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The products of ammonification are ammonia and ammonium ions.

The products of ammonification are ammonia and ammonium ions.

Ammonification occurs during the process of nitrogen fixation.

The bacteria in the ammonification process is known as ammonifying bacteria.

Plants are not capable of directly utilizing atmospheric nitrogen. A few bacteria help in converting atmospheric nitrogen into forms that can be used by plants. Plants acquire nitrates from the soil through their roots, and transform them into proteins. When animals feed on these plants, the proteins enter their bodies. Later, when these animals die, the nitrogen compounds inside their bodies break down into ammonia and this process is known as ammonification. Ammonification is a part of the nitrogen cycle, where organisms are provided with essential nitrogen that they need to survive. Ammonification is the process where microscopic organisms like bacteria or other types of decomposing organisms, break down nitrogen containing chemicals from dead organic matter, into simple substances like ammonia. These simpler substances help in sustaining the ecosystem. In simple terms, ammonification is the process of converting natural nitrogen compounds into ammonia.

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