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The nucleus is a pivotal organelle responsible to regulate almost all forms of cellular activities.

The nucleus is a pivotal organelle responsible to regulate almost all forms of cellular activities. Mostly, every type of cell that exists is categorized on the basis of the absence or presence of the nucleus within its cell (categorized either as a prokaryotic or eukaryotic cell.)

The nucleus is a double-membraned organelle that contains the genetic material and other instructions required for cellular processes. It is exclusively found in eukaryotic cells and is also one of the largest organelles.

A double-membraned organelle known as the nuclear membrane/envelope engirdles the nucleus.

The nucleolus is found within the nucleus, occupying 25% per cent of the volume.

Thread-like, dense structures known as chromatins are found within the nucleus containing proteins and DNA.

The mechanical strength for the nucleus is provided by the nuclear matrix, a network of fibres and filaments which performs functions similar to the cytoskeleton.

The nucleus has 2 primary functions:

It is responsible for storing the cell’s hereditary material or the DNA.

It is responsible for coordinating many of the important cellular activities such as protein synthesis, cell division, growth and a host of other important functions.

The most integral component of the cell is the nucleus (plural: nuclei). It is derived from a Latin word which means “ kernel of a nut ”.

A nucleus is defined as a double-membraned eukaryotic  cell organelle  that contains the genetic material.

A nucleus diagram highlighting the various components. Moreover, only eukaryotes have the nucleus, prokaryotes have the nucleoid

As stated above, the nucleus is found only in eukaryotes and is the defining characteristic feature of  eukaryotic cells . However, some cells, such as RBCs do not possess a nucleus, though they originate from a eukaryotic organisms.

Following are the important nucleus function:

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