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The most important ones are illustrated below:

There are many important diagrams in biology that a student will come across throughout their classes. The most important ones are illustrated below:

The human heart diagram may seem quite intimidating and can scare many students from even attempting. However, it is one of the easiest to draw. Theory :  Human Heart

The human brain is a rather complex structure, with many creases and folds. However, drawing the diagram shouldn’t be difficult for most students. If possible, try to shade the different areas of the brain to fetch more marks. Theory:  Human Brain

One of the most elementary concepts in botany, the flower, is a straightforward diagram to draw. Ensure that the parts are correctly labelled. Theory:  Parts of a Flower

The mitochondria are one of the many cellular organelles found in an animal cell. Drawing this diagram is moderately difficult, but it can be perfected with enough practice. Theory:  Mitochondria

Flowering plants or angiosperms are one of the unique members of the plant kingdom. Drawing this diagram should not pose an issue since most students are already acquainted with drawing a plant diagram in their lower classes. Theory :   Morphology Of Flowering Plants  

The nerve cells, also called neurons, communicate with other neurons and cells through electrical impulses. The diagram is easy to draw and should not pose any issues for students. Theory:  Neuron And Nerves     Further Reading:

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