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The environment is like a blanket that surrounds our being everywhere.

The environment is like a blanket that surrounds our being everywhere. By environment, we do not only mean plants or animals. The environment is inclusive of all the living and non-living creatures present on the Earth. The interaction between humans and the environment exists right from the evolution of human beings on earth. Humans have a significant impact on the environment. There are many answers to how human activities affect the environment. The impact of human activities on the environment is two-sided – positive and negative. Humans are responsible for impacting the biophysical environment, biodiversity, and other resources and the working mechanism of the environment. Many factors have led to alterations in the environment. Have you ever wondered how the human population affects the environment?  (Image to be added soon)

This article will give you a summary of what is the human impact on the environment and how does the human population affect the environment.

Ever wondered how human activities affect the environment? One of the major effects of human activities on the Environment is Biodiversity loss. Biodiversity is the variety of species living in an ecosystem. The larger the number of species and genetic variation, the greater is the biodiversity. Due to the increase in human settlements, many forests are being cut. This has led to a reduction in the number of plant species. Many animals become homeless. The constantly changing climatic conditions and extinction of many ecosystems have also led to the loss of biodiversity. It is astonishing to see the impact of human activities on the environment.

Pollution is a major issue faced by us today. Pollution is a result of the ignorance of humans towards their environment. The wrongful disposal of wastes on the roads, in the water bodies, leads to land and water pollution. The harmful emissions from the human-made factories get released into the air, causing air pollution. It is sad to see that the developments made to benefit us are depleting our environment day after day. This is how humans affect their environment.

One of the most significant human impacts on the environment is deforestation. Due to deforestation and pollution, there are significant changes in the weather conditions of a place. These changes when happening in a prolonged chain are known as climate change. Deforestation causes a delay in the arrival of monsoon and purification of the air. With growing human settlements and industrialization, the level of harmful gases in the environment keeps increasing.

The misuse or over-exploitation of natural resources also has a human impact on the environment. It puts a lot of stress on the environment to re-create these natural resources. Not all natural resources can be re-created. Some of them like petroleum take thousands of years to get replenished.

Another major human impact on the environment is brought by Erosion. The deforestation and littering of the soil make it more prone to erosion. Due to the uprooting of trees, the soil becomes loose and can easily be carried away by the air or floods. Erosion is also partially connected to climate change. (Image to be added soon)

The human population is largely responsible for the human impact on the environment. The question of how the human population affects the environment is very old. The human population is directly responsible for the changes in the environment. Here are a few factors that determine the effects of human activities on the environment. The increase in the human population causes overcrowding. With the increase in population, the demand for space, food, resources, and employment increases. This directly leads to the clearing of forests or deforestation. The employment requirements of the people lead to an increase in industrialization. Industrialization also demands deforestation. The wastes of the industries are dumped in the river beds or released into the air, which causes pollution.

There are many fun facts about human impact on the environment. Did you know that around 27,000 trees are cut every day to produce toilet paper rolls? Toilet paper rolls are used almost in every household. They are used and thrown into the garbage bags. So many trees are cut to satisfy human needs. Such is the impact of human activities on the environment.

Answer: The human population has a great impact on the environment. The impact of human activities on the environment is direct. Overpopulation of humans leads to deforestation which is responsible for climatic change. The more is the population, the demand for resources and food grows. This leads to an over-exploitation of resources. To study the impact of humans on the environment through the Forest and Environment Act, there is a separate human impact on the environment article mentioned in the Act.

The answer to this is synonymous with how human activities affect the environment. Humans affect their environment to a great extent. They are responsible for all the functions taking place in the environment. The food chain in the environment is dependent on humans. Humans are the greatest consumers in the food web. Humans also influence the biodiversity of the environment. Human settlements and development lead to the cutting of trees, exploitation of resources, space consumption, etc. All this leads to the mismanagement and uneven distribution of plants, animals, and resources in the surrounding areas. Practices like industrialization cause pollution to the environment. The day-to-day activities of the people also impact the environment.

Humans undoubtedly affect the environment to a great extent. There are several negative impacts of human activities on the environment. To control the effects of human activities on the environment, the following steps are to be taken.

iii. The building of eco-friendly spaces.

vii. Sustainable use of natural resources. viii. Make a list of how human activities affect the environment and suggest a solution to each problem individually. By following the above methods the negative impact of human activities on the environment can be minimized. This will make the environment a better place for living beings.

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