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The earth’s surface absorbs the most part of this radiation that results into its warming.

When the Earth’s surface is heated upon by the radiations from the Earth, it results into increased temperature than it is generally required, this process is known as greenhouse effect. Most of the greenhouse gases are responsible to cause the greenhouse effect by radiating energy in all directions. The earth’s surface absorbs the most part of this radiation that results into its warming. The strength of this effect depends upon the atmosphere’s temperature and the amount of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. The primary greenhouse gases known are water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and ozone (O3). This paragraph has answered the question- What is a greenhouse effect short answer?

Let’s go through the following MCQs on greenhouse effect which are asked in most of the entrance examinations. Students can get an idea with the below questions and answers on greenhouse effect.

(a) Infrared radiation (b) Ultraviolet radiation (c) Beta radiation (d) Alpha radiation Answer: (b)

(a) 15 ℃ (b) 50 ℃ (c) – 18 ℃ (d) 33 ℃ Answer: (d)

(a) Shorter (b) Infinite (c) Longer (d) Zero Answer: (c)

(a) Carbon dioxide (b) Ethane (c) Propane (d) Methane Answer: (a)

(a) Greenhouse gases (b) Beta radiations (c) Alpha radiations (d) Ozone gases Answer: (a)

(a) Increased oxygen level (b) Decreases greenhouse gases (c) Increased greenhouse gases (d) Increased ethane level Answer: (c)

(a) N2O (b) C2O (c) CFC (d) CH4 Answer: (c)

(a) Life on earth is possible due to greenhouse effect (b) Greenhouse effect is a natural process that maintains earth’s temperature (c) More is the emission of greenhouse gases, more is the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere (d) Increased emission of greenhouse gases is a natural process Answer: (d)

(a) Nitrous oxide (b) Methane (c) Carbon dioxide (d) Ethane Answer: (d)

(a) CFCs – 14% (b) Carbon dioxide – 60% (c) N2O – 12% (d) Methane – 20% Answer: (c)

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