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The cells of multicellular organisms undergo the various processes of growth and death.

The cells of multicellular organisms undergo the various processes of growth and death. Cellular death is very much essential for every organism in order to survive and grow. Our body consists of various types of cells located in the different parts of the body. There are two ways through which the cell undergoes the process of death. It is either through getting exposed to unfavorable or harmful environment, or by an injury, or a regulated process of disintegration. The death of a cell occurs in two different ways, namely Apoptosis and Necrosis. A number of various toxic chemicals or even physical events such as radiation, trauma, heat, lack of oxygen supply due to reduced flow of blood may lead to the cell death. All these chemical or physical events can lead to a lethal disruption of the cell structure as well as the activity. Apoptosis and Necrosis, both are the variants of cell death which vary greatly in all the aspects except the end. Necrosis is known to be a kind of cell death where the  cell  dies in an untimely way due to some uncontrolled external factors. Apoptosis is known as a predefined suicide cell where the cell destroys itself maintaining a smooth functioning of the body.

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Apoptosis is a regular process of death of the cell that occurs in the body where cell itself takes part in the death

Necrosis is a cellular process of death occurring when the cells are highly exposed to extreme external conditions

It is a natural process and not caused by external factors

It is caused by external agents such as infection, trauma, toxins.

The organelles are still functional even after the death of the cell

The organelles are not functional after the death of cell

The cell membrane breaks into several apoptotic bodies

The cell membrane breaks and releases the cell contents

This process is said to be a bit beneficial. But, is known to be abnormal if in case the cellular processes that keep the body balanced cause many cell deaths or even too few.

No symptoms are observed during the process of apoptosis

The symptoms like Inflammation, tissue death and decreased blood flow at the infected site are observed during the process

It is caused due to the self-generated signals within a cell.

It is caused by Bacterial and fungal infections, mycobacterial infections, denatured proteins, pancreatitis, or by the deposits of antibodies and antigens

Not much treatment is required in case of apoptosis

Necrosis, when untreated is said to be very dangerous and can prove to be fatal. Hence, medical treatment is very much necessary in case of necrosis.

This process does not require energy since the  enzymes  carry out the process.

This process requires energy to carry out the process