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The cell is the functional unit of our body.

The cell is the functional unit of our body. The cytoplasm is considered as a crucial part of the cell. It is the jelly-like fluid inside the cell surrounding all internal structures of the cell. The cytoplasm is filled within each cell. It is enclosed by a cell membrane. The cytoplasm is mainly composed of water, salt, and proteins. In Eukaryotic cells, all organelles are located in cytoplasms such as the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, and mitochondria. The portion of Cytoplasm that is not contained in organelle is called cytosol. The cytoplasm is also called as “The powerhouse of the cell.” In 1831,  Robert Brown was the scientist who discovered cytoplasm. The actual name “ Cytoplasm” was given in 1874.

3 Differences Between Cytoplasm And Protoplasm General Difference

Structural Difference The main structural difference is that the Cytoplasm does not contain a nucleus and Protoplasm has a nucleus. Functional Difference Functions of Cytoplasm

Without Cytoplasm, a cell could not retain its shape which means, the cell would be deflated and flat. The organelles would not stay suspended in a solution of a cell without the support of Cytoplasm. Parts of Cytoplasm 

The cytoplasm is a heterogeneous mixture of organic compounds and opaque granules. These two components give colloidal nature to the suspended organelles.

Cytoplasmic streaming or Cyclosis is a process by which substances move around in a cell. Cyclosis is observed in different types of cells such as amoeba, plant cells, fungi, and protozoa. Factors affecting streaming movement are temperature, light, hormones, or chemicals. Cyclosis is the activity of microfilm. Here, the motor proteins can move organelles and molecules within the cytoplasm. The purpose of cyclosis is to enable materials to reach all parts of a cell including oxygen and nutrients. Cyclosis is observed in large plant and animal cells. Cytoplasmic streaming occurs in one direction along the actin occurs. Cytoplasmic streaming enables chloroplasts to move around to maximize light absorption necessary for photosynthesis.

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The cytoplasm is called a powerhouse of the cell. The cytoplasm is part of the protoplasm.

Protoplast is considered a physical basis of life. Protoplasm contains cytoplasm along with cell membrane and nucleus.

Cytoplasm is a fluid in the consistency.

Protoplasm is a colloidal semifluid in the consistency.