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Quality and status of life have undergone a drastic change over a century.

The word Population is defined as the group of all the living organisms of the particular species, in a particular geographical area, at a specific time with the capability of interbreeding. Few examples of the population include millions of people living in a Mexico City, teak wood trees in a forest tract, bacteria in a culture plate, etc.

Population control is the methodology or the practice used to control and maintain the type, location and number of people that inhabit the earth. Quality and status of life have undergone a drastic change over a century. We have to thank the improvised and advanced technologies around the world for this. One of the impacts of advanced technology on the economy is reduced mortality rate and increased the birth rate. This has led to one of the most dangerous problems crippling the world today viz. population explosion. India has grabbed its position among top powerful countries. Lifestyle, status, and economy everything has reached a new milestone. Among this race, the population of India stands first. The population of India is 12 times the population that prevailed during independence. Do we have to stop this? If yes, how? Reproduction  is necessary for continuing the existence of a species, but such an alarming growth will definitely lead to a shortage of many basic necessities. This thought marked the onset of family planning in India. In 1952, India became the first country which put population policy; today known as the First Five Year Plan, with the goal of controlling population explosion, but it failed. Later by the 1970s, the government came forward with more effective methods to control the population explosion. These included Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (1971), posters and bills carrying birth control mottos, minimum age for marriage, contraception etc.

Birth control is also known as contraception and fertility control, which is used to prevent pregnancy and to control the growth of the population. Undoubtedly, we can say that it is the high time to show a red signal to rapid population growth. There are some easily accessible effective birth control methods which can help to avoid unwanted pregnancy as well as provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Contraception is an artificial methods mainly used to prevent pregnancy as a consequence of sexual intercourse. Contraception is a method that prevents birth by:

There are around fifteen to twenty different types or methods of contraception. But none of the contraceptive methods is ideal and 100% safe.  Contraception  promises a low rate of risk on proper use. Listed below are the safest methods of contraception.

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