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Please note, this term is not the same as mutagenicity.

Genotoxicity is the property of an agent (chemical) to cause damage to the genetic information, thereby causing mutations that may lead to cancer. Please note, this term is not the same as mutagenicity. However, all mutagens are genotoxic, but not all genotoxic substances are mutagenic.

Genotrophism is the reciprocal attraction between carriers of the same or latent recessive gene. The term was coined by Léopold Szondi, a Hungarian psychiatrist in the early 1900’s. Today, this concept is obsolete, however, it has been interpreted in revised forms through studies like psychopathology and homogamy.

Genocopy occurs when an identical phenotype is produced by two different genotypes/ genes. An example of genocopy is inherited deafness – where the mutation of any of the dozens of genes critical for the process of perceiving sound will lead to loss of hearing.

Genoblast refers to the nucleus of a fertilized oocyte.

Genophore refers to the genetic material of a prokaryote. It is also called a prokaryotic chromosome.

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Latin Root:  γεννάω (gennáō)  Meaning:  Give birth/ to produce