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Movement is the change in the position of a body part with respect to the whole body.

Movement is the change in the position of a body part with respect to the whole body. It is one of the significant features of all living beings. The blinking of the eyes, breathing, eating are all examples of movement. So we can say that every second some or the other part of our body exhibits some or other kind of movements.

The human body movements get polished as we grow in age. The movement starts from crawling and with the increase in age the person starts walking leading to the movement of the whole organism.

These movements are possible because of joints. Joints are points in our body where two or more parts of our skeleton are connected together. Different joints help our body carry out different activities and movements.

Listed below are a few types of joints and their functions:

The body movements in humans are of the following types:

Some type of movements result in the change of place, they are termed as locomotion. Walking, cycling. running, and swimming is some of the locomotory movements.

There are different types of locomotory movements in different organisms like paramecium have cilia which help in capturing food and also in locomotion. Hydra has tentacles for capturing prey and for locomotion. We use our limbs for different types of body movements. Locomotion is necessary for food, shelter etc.

Some  cells  of our body like the white blood cells exhibit amoeboid movement. Cytoskeletons and microfilaments are also involved in this type of movement.

Some of our internal tubular organs exhibit ciliary movement. Cilia are present in our trachea which helps in removing foreign particles, dust etc. The movement of ova in the female reproductive tract is also a type of ciliary movement.

Whenever we move, our limbs are involved. They are the muscular movements. In locomotion and other types of body movements in humans, the contractile property of the muscles is used.

Movements involve perfect coordination of the muscular, skeletal and neural system. There are a variety of muscles and joints involved in movements.

The outer skeleton is called the shell. It is not made up of bones and does not help in movement. The body consists of a head and a thick structure projecting out of the shell, which is the foot. It is made up of strong muscles. Their motion is wavy.

The tail and head of a fish are smaller as compared to the middle portion. They are said to have a streamlined body which allows the fish to gain motion and swim.

The hollow bones and the strong muscular system helps the birds during flight. A bird flaps its wings while flying. Also Read:  Difference Between Locomotion and Movement

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The rounded end of one bone fits into the cavity of the other bone. It allows movements in all directions

Bones in head held with fixed joints

Help keep bones intact and provides structure