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Mitosis has the following stages:

Mitosis has the following stages:







There are essentially six stages of mitosis (some textbooks tend to club prometaphase and prophase into a single stage). The stages of mitosis comprise:

Technically, the interphase is not a part of mitosis, however, it is still a crucial process as it leads up to the process of mitosis. Hence, the interphase refers to all the other stages of cell cycle other than mitosis.

Prophase is technically the first stage of mitosis. It is also the longest phase of mitosis, where the chromatin condenses into chromosomes and the nuclear membrane breaks down (in  prometaphase ). In animal cells, the centrioles located near the nucleus begin to split and move to the opposite ends of the cell.

In metaphase, the microtubules pull on the chromosomes with equal force, and the chromosome moves to the center of the cell.

The anaphase is marked by the splitting of the sister chromatids. These sister chromatids then become the chromosomes of the daughter nuclei.

The telophase is the final phase of mitosis. It begins after the replicated, paired chromosomes are separated and pulled at the opposite ends of the pole. Main Article:   Mitosis Further Reading:

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