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Meiosis In Onion Bud Cell Or Grasshopper Testis Through Permanent Slide

To observe the stages of meiosis on onion bud cell or grasshopper testis through permanent slides.

The different stages of meiosis are observed along on the basis of the following features.

In this stage, the chromosomes condense and move towards the centre of the cell. It consists of five different sub-phases:

The homologous chromosomes that contain two different alleles for each gene, line up on the metaphase plate to be separated.

The separated chromosomes are pulled towards the centrioles on either side of the cell.

The chromosomes are completely pulled apart and new nuclear envelope forms.

In this stage, the nuclear envelope disintegrates and centrioles develop.

The chromosomes line up on the metaphase plate and the chromatids are on either side of the metaphase plate.

The sister chromatids separate and are known as sister chromosomes.

The cell divides into two and a new nuclear envelope surrounds the chromosomes.