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Plants and animals are the backbone of life on the Earth; it is important to conserve them and save them from getting extinct, maintaining their right population that help in enriching the biodiversity or the richness of flora and fauna worldwide. Deforestation or cutting down trees is considered as one of the major problems associated with the conservation of plants and animals. NCERT class 8 science chapter conservation of plants and animals will cover deforestation, biodiversity, species and different types of species and importance of conservation of plants and animals. In this article, we have discussed all of these topics in an easiest manner for better understanding. Let’s get started!

It is the cutting of trees for human benefits. With forest wood, humans are hugely benefited in various ways including firewood, paper production, house building, furniture manufacturing, and other artworks. Here, we will start with the causes and effects of deforestation (one of the most important factors that make it necessary to conserve plants and animals).

Conservation of plants and animals topic also covers biodiversity and the different terms associated with the biodiversity are as follows:

It is the flora and fauna of an area and maintaining rich diversity will help in conservation of plants and animals. Biodiversity is managed or protected from destruction with the help of the following establishments:

It allows research and education to zoologists and botanists who are studying plants and animals. It helps them gain knowledge about different flora and fauna. An example of biosphere reserve is Pachmarhi biosphere reserve where Sal trees and Wild Mango are found as flora and flying squirrel and Cheetal are among fauna found there.

It is a highly restricted area where no human activity is allowed. It protects the historic and cultural heritage of the area. For example, rock shelters and caves were discovered in Satpura National Park where no human activity is allowed.

It conserves wild animals in their natural habitat and limited human activity is only allowed here. No one is allowed to perform hunting, poaching and deforestation.

It was launched in the year 1973 and is especially meant for conserving tigers. Tiger being a National animal of India is highly taken care of.

A group of interbreeding individuals are called species.

Those species that are about to become endangered. Examples: Giant Panda and Polar Bear.

Species that are at a high risk of extinction. Examples: Bonobo and Blue Whale

Species that are at the highest risk of extinction are critically endangered species. Examples: Hawksbill and Orangutan

Species which no longer exist are called extinct species. Examples: Dinosaurs and Dodo. [Image will be uploaded soon]

Ans. There are different types of species according to their risk of extinction. These are vulnerable species, endangered species, critically endangered species and extinct species.

Ans. Conservation of plants and animals is very important for enriched biodiversity that helps in balancing the ecosystem. Plants and animals are the backbone of life on Earth and both depend upon each other in the environment in many ways. It is our responsibility to conserve plants and animals and save them from extinction. We should recover for all deforestation activities done by humans by planting trees and preventing hunting or killing of animals for self use.

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