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Let us have a look at them.

Before understanding about variation in detail, it is important to understand and know a few key terms. Let us have a look at them.

Why do fruits, for example, bananas look alike? This is because most of the fruits reproduce asexually, which typically involves only one parent. During asexual reproduction, the genetic makeup of only a single parent is transferred, which is why we do not see much of variation in their physical characteristics. However, we do see slight changes produced because of minor inaccuracies while copying of DNA.

But in sexual reproduction, we see a huge variety amongst organisms because it involves the fusion of genes from both parents. This fusion gives rise to innumerable combinations to the very same gene set resulting in organisms looking different from their parent. The  variation  that is accumulated, is passed on over the years, which results in noticeable changes from the past few generations. The basis for evolutionary processes is, however, dependant on the selection of variants by environmental factors.

Variations amongst organisms is a very complex process and involve a careful examination of these processes to understand them better. Following are a few of the reasons why it is important to show differences.

Variation, as we have seen, is significant in the field of science. It results in the formation of new species that can adapt far more efficiently than their predecessors. It also helps us understand the science behind this phenomenon on an intricate level, enabling a deeper insight into unanswered questions.

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