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Leishmania belongs to genus trypanosomes that causes disease leishmaniasis.

Leishmania belongs to genus trypanosomes that causes disease leishmaniasis. These genus are spreaded fastly by sandflies, who belonged to the Phlebotomus genus in the old period and now they come under the Lutzomyia genus. About 93 species of sandfly are present in the ecosystem. Most commonly infected hosts by leishmania are hyraxes, canids, rodents and humans and their primary hosts are vertebrates. Parasitic leishmania are commonly known for their multiplying tendency inside sand fly. There are various types of leishmania one among them is visceral leishmania, which is commonly known as Kala-azar and they are most fatal as they cause anemia, weight loss, irregular periods of fever and enlargement in spleen and liver. Another type is cutaneous leishmania and they are commonly present and causes ulcers, skiing damage that causes scars. These species are mostly active during night i.e they are nocturnal in nature and they require humid and warm temperature for their survival.

Phylum: Protozoans Order: Kinetoplastids Family: Trypanosomatidae Genus: Leishmania

Leishmaniasis is a vector borne disease that is transmitted by sand flies and they are caused by protozoa named Leishmania. There are more than 20 species of Leishmania which causes human infection they are:  L. donovani complex with 2 species (L. donovani, L. infantum [also known as L. chagasi in the New World]); the L. mexicana complex with 3 main species (L. mexicana, L. amazonensis, and L. venezuelensis); L. tropica; L. major; L. aethiopica; and the subgenus Viannia with 4 main species (L. [V.] braziliensis, L. [V.] guyanensis, L. [V.] panamensis, and L. [V.] peruviana). All these species are morphologically the same from one another but can be differentiated from one another by iso enzymes and molecular methods.

Leishmaniasis is caused in two different stages:

There are various laboratory methods by which we can diagnose leishmaniasis disease. Some of them are:

No vaccines or drugs are available to prevent infection and the best way to stay away from leishmaniasis is preventive measures, some of these preventive measures are given below:

Ans. Leishmaniasis is caused in two different stages:

Ans. Phylum:  Protozoans Order:  Kinetoplastids Family:  Trypanosomatidae Genus:  Leishmania

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