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It is one of the oldest industrial technologies that have ever been recorded.

Biotechnology is the field of biology that makes use of technology as well as application to living beings. Biotechnology is related to developing, modifying, and producing beneficial products for human welfare. It is one of the oldest industrial technologies that have ever been recorded. For example, the application of fermentation in the alcohol production is a biological technique that has grown and expanded into genomics, recombinant gene methodologies, applied immunology, pharmaceuticals and its applications that have extended across many fields like genetic engineering, agriculture, medicine, etc. Biotechnology is also used in the form of bioinformatics to empower the field of research and development. This research is then used for the extraction and production of living entities through biochemical engineering. [Image Will be Uploaded Soon]

The biotechnology had advanced to various procedures over time like:

Biotechnology has led to the synthesis of several products and services for the welfare of mankind like:

A few of the important and path-breaking contributions of biotechnology are given below:

The basic principles of biotechnology that initiated the inception of biotechnology are:

Biotechnology has been used in different fields to modify and produce products for human welfare. The applications of the biotechnology include:

Question 1. What is Meant by Gene Cloning? Answer: Gene cloning or DNA cloning is the process of making multiple identical copies of a piece of DNA. The process of gene cloning is done in the following manner:

Selection of the Appropriate Vector

Incorporation of the Isolated DNA Fragment into the Vector

The Recombinant Vector is Transformed in the Host Cell

The Recombinant Host Cell is Isolated

Question 2. Can Exonuclease be Used in the Production of a Recombinant DNA Molecule? Answer: Recombinant DNA molecules are those molecules that are produced with the help of scientific methods in a laboratory environment. No, an exonuclease cannot be used in the production of the recombinant DNA molecule because exonuclease degrades the DNA. An exonuclease acts on the free ends of linear DNA molecules, and as a result, in turn of creating DNA fragments with sticky ends, it will either completely degenerate or shorten the DNA fragment that contains the gene of interest. Consequently, the circular plasmid will not be cut due to the lack of free strands.

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