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It is also referred to as Taxonomy.

Biological classification is a scientific process that illustrates the arrangement of living organisms in accordance with their shared characteristics. It is also referred to as Taxonomy. Every living being on the planet is divided into five kingdoms. They are- Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia. Furthermore, each kingdom has several sub-divisions.  In the next segment, some biological classification MCQ is given that appear in examinations frequently. Take a look! MCQ Questions on Biological Classification The Regular practise of biological classification questions and answers let the NEET aspirants qualify the examination. Following are few important MCQs. 

DIY 1:  Make two MCQ on biological classification and ask your friends to answers them. Tell him/her to do the same. Group study helps! DIY 2:  Create a table and find out the difference between systematic and Taxonomy. Also, solve other biological classification MCQ online.  

Carolus Linnaeus is called the Father of Biological classification.

Animalia and Plantae were the first two kingdoms of biology.

If you want to score at least 80+ in NEET biology, you should not skip a single chapter. Some of the important topics are evolution, ecology, genetics, plant physiology and human physiology. Also, do not forget to solve biological classification MCQ for NEET online.

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