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It has applications in various sectors such as medicine and agriculture.

Biotechnology is a wide field of Biology that involves living systems and organisms to make new products beneficial for mankind. It has applications in various sectors such as medicine and agriculture. It harnesses cellular and molecular processes to develop products and technologies that help in improving the lives of people and the planet. Given below are a few MCQs on Biotechnology which will help the students analyze their conceptual knowledge. The answers are also provided for your reference.

1. Restriction enzymes were discovered by

2. Bacteria protect themselves from viruses by fragmenting viral DNA with

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6. The Golden Rice variety is rich in

Also Read:  Applications of Biotechnology 7. The DNA fragments have sticky ends due to

8. Plasmids are used as cloning vectors for which of the following reasons?

9. The human genome project was launched in the year

Also Read:  Human Genome Project 10. The vaccines prepared through recombinant DNA technology are

11. Which is a genetically modified crop?

Also Read:  Polymerase Chain Reaction 13. The first transgenic plant to be produced is

15. Which of the following is the quality of improved transgenic basmati rice?

Also Read:  Bt crops 16. The first clinical application of gene therapy over a 4 year old girl was for

17. Excision and insertion of a gene is called

18. The expression of a transgene in the target tissue is identified by a

Also Read:  Recombinant DNA Technology 19. ———– is used as a vector for cloning into higher organisms

20. Which bacterium is used in the production of insulin by genetic engineering?

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