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It comes with specific

Ans. To define biofuel, it can be said to be a naturally obtained fuel which is produced from animal fats and vegetable oils mixed with alcohol.

2 What are the Essential Features of Biodiesel?

Ans. The essential features of biodiesel are – clean fuel, eco-friendliness, user-friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting, danger-free, heating agent, lubricant, cleaning agent, etc.

3. What are the Benefits of Biodiesel?

Ans. Biodiesel is a naturally produced fuel consisting of natural constituents – vegetable oils or animal fats. So, it does not pollute the environment and keeps the surrounding clean.

Biodiesel is a fuel source that is obtained from animal fats and vegetable oils. It is a renewable source of energy and hence is widely researched to increase its efficiency and advantages. Owing to the intensive search for non-conventional sources of energy, biodiesel seems to be a very convenient option. Students are often unaware about what is biodiesel because unlike solar or wind energy, this energy resource is not that popular. While it is vital to understand this type of fuel, students should begin by noting that it comes with specific advantages. Understandably, it is gaining in it popularity. Here is a detailed analysis of what is biodiesel fuel for your convenience. Nevertheless, students have to be cautious while studying this topic. Not only is this research a new spectrum, but also since understanding its related concepts from their basics is vital for a better outlook towards fuel consumption and uses.

Based on biodiesel definition, it is a clean fuel as it is produced from animal fats which are mixed with alcohol, preferably methanol or ethanol. Students should remember that it is neither a vegetable oil nor is it mixed with petroleum at any stage of production. For more in-depth learning on the formation of biodiesel project, you can look at this image below. It shows a basic flowchart of how both alcohol and fatty acids or vegetable oils are mixed to produce biodiesel. From the above picture of preparation of biodiesel, you can also see that there is a formation of by-product glycerin along with the main product. This is also collected and used for multiple purposes, similar to biodiesel.

As already mentioned in the formation of biodiesel, it is an eco-friendly fuel and does not produce remarkable waste. Besides this, other advantages of biodiesel include –

It is safe to use as it does not create any toxic residue.

This fuel has a lower emission rate, making it reliable for longer use.

It also finds use in alteration with petroleum diesel oil.

This is also used as a heating fuel in specific boilers.

Other benefits of biodiesel include its user-friendliness. You do not have to modify the engines for using it. You should note that once you have studied so far, you shall be able to jot down the properties of biodiesel too. All these points discussed above are based on the features which have facilitated the formation and advantages of using biodiesel.

The application of biodiesel is multiple, as mentioned in the above sections. To list them, have a look at the picture below. It shows various areas where biodiesel can be put into use without any complications. Since biodiesel is obtained from natural ingredients, it is a natural fuel and does not contribute to environmental pollution. This is the prime reason behind its growing usage. Test Your Understanding

Biodiesel is obtained from …………… oils.

When you mix fatty acids with alcohol, you get ……………….

The process of producing biodiesel is called …………………

Biodiesel can be used as a fuel in the …………… of automobiles as an alternative for petroleum diesel.

Answers – vegetable, biodiesel, transesterification, engines

Biodiesel is a non-biodegradable source of energy.

Biodiesel contributes to environmental pollution.

The process of preparing biodiesel is termed as transesterification.

One of the top applications of biodiesel is as a heating fuel.

We can mix biodiesel with petroleum during its production to increase efficiency.

Answers – False, False, True, True, False

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