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In the world of Botany or Flora, seeds are the fundamental part of reproduction in plants.

In the world of Botany or Flora, seeds are the fundamental part of reproduction in plants. But the Gymnosperms have no fruits or flowers. So, their seeds are open-eyed. On the other hand, Angiosperms have well-matured ovules. Angiosperms are considered one of the most diversified sub-group of the Plant Kingdom as it comprises about 2,00,000 species. In the plants of this subgroup,  seeds are formed inside the fruits, and also a seed coat is present in the seeds. On the basis of numbers of cotyledon, plants of the sub-group angiosperm are divided into two categories: monocot plants and Dicot plants. Angiosperms are plants that produce flowers and consist of seeds in the fruits. The Definition of Monocot and Dicot Root

Monocot Leaf Monocot Plant leaves have a parallel venation system.

Dicot Leaf Dicot Plants leaves have a reticulate venation system.

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Similarities Between Monocot and Dicot Root 

Anatomy of Dicot Stem The dicotyledonous stem is usually solid. The transverse section of a young dicotyledonous stem consists of the following parts:

What is the difference between Monocot and Dicots Root on the basis of their key features?

Dicotyledon is a classification of flowering plants where the seed empowers two embryonic leaves or cotyledons. Dicotyledons have a bloated appearance due to their food reserve, which is used to bring up the developing seedling. The embryo axis has two ends, the plumule, and radicle. It is surrounded by a protective cover called the seed coat. The seed coat is built up by an outer layer called testa and an inner layer called the tegmen. A structure called hilum is found which adjoins the seed to the fruit.

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Naturally, the leaves of Monocot Plants are basically the long and narrow with parallel veins that are running through them.

The leaves of Dicots plant seem wider and differ.

The surface of both sides of leaves is equally  Green.

The upper surface of the leaves is dark green and lower surface leaves are light green.

An equal number of stomata are allotted on both the upper and lower surfaces.

Stomata are less present on the upper surface of the leaves.

The mesophyll is Unconditioned in the leaves

The mesophyll is conditioned into two forms.

The structure of Monocot Root looks like wider and fibrous

The structure of Dicots Root looks like narrow and taproot

The xylem of the root is round or oval

The xylem of the root is Angular or Polygonal

the old roots are covered by an Exodermis