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In certain areas of the world they are also known as waterbugs.

The american cockroach is the largest common species of cockroach and mostly they are considered to be pests. In certain areas of the world they are also known as waterbugs. It has an average length of 4 cm and they are mainly reddish brown and have yellowish margin on the pronotum. Body of cockroaches are divided into three parts: head, thorax and abdomen. Scientific name of cockroaches is Americana periplaneta. It has a long and coiled alimentary canal divided into three parts-Prothorax, Mesothorax, and Metathorax.They  are known for leaving behind a stinky smell, attacking household food items and are considered carriers of diseases.

Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Superorder: Dictyoptera Order: Blattodea

Life cycle of cockroach is divided into several stages and these stages are:

The Length of American cockroach life depends upon environment, diet and many other conditions. If conditions are favourable lead to rapid growth of cockroach body while unfavorable conditions lead to death of cockroaches. An american cockroach will live for about a year. It will reproduce, lay more eggs and give birth to more and more cockroaches. For their lives they need food, shelter.Life span of cockroach depends on several factors like:

American cockroaches create public problems as they are associated with human waste and disease and their ability to move from sewers into homes and commercial establishments. The cockroach is found in caves, mines, sewers, sewage treatment plants and dumps. They are claimed to be mechanical transmitters of disease causing microorganisms such as intestinal parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Ans. One species to the other. These eggs hatch into nymphs depending on environmental conditions they live in.Life cycle of cockroaches is divided into three parts:

Ans. There are several factors on which life cycle of cockroaches depends, they are:

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