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Identification Of The Different Parts Of An Embryo Of A Dicot Seed

Male and female gametes fuse to form the zygote during  sexual reproduction . The zygote further undergoes division to evolve into an embryo. Monocots and dicots do not differ in the initial stages of development but they differ in the later stages of development.

To identify the different parts of an embryo of a dicot seed

The process of fertilization in plants leads to the formation of fruits which forms the ripened ovary. The seed can be one or many which form the mature ovule.

A seed consists of the following parts:

It consists of the following parts:

On the basis of cotyledons in the seed, angiosperms can be classified into the following:

Germination  is the process wherein the micropyle present in one part of the hilum takes up water. which under favorable conditions, such as suitable light, temperature, air, etc, it uses up for the seedlings to develop into tiny, immature embryonic plants from the seed coats. Germination involves the following steps:

Three principle parts of the embryo of dicot seeds are observed, they are:

Q.1. How is a soaked seed different from a dry seed? A.1.  In comparison with a soaked seed, a dry seed has a wrinkled and a hard seed coat. The soaked seed has a softer seed coat that can be peeled easily Q.2. In this experiment, why are seeds soaked overnight? A.2.  Seeds are soaked in order to assist the cotyledons for water absorption so as the embryo turns active Q.3. What is the purpose of covering the seeds in the moist cloth? A.3.  It is for the growth of the baby plant furthermore. Q.4. What does the cotyledon hold? A.4 . It provides nourishment for the growing plant. Q.5. What is the significance of the seed coat? A.5.  During the dormant period, the seed coat shields the embryo and the cotyledons Q.6. What does the radicle part of the embryo turn in the future? A.6.  The radicle goes on to develop into the root system Q.7. List some of the conditions that are required for the seed to develop into a complete plant. A.7.  Following are the conditions required:

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