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Human eyes are one of the components or sensory organs of our sensory system.

Human eyes are one of the components or sensory organs of our sensory system. Eyes give us the power to see things- it can be you gazing into your partner or buying your favorite dress- you need your eyes to see things around you—80 percent of the things that we perceive come through our sense of sight. Protecting your eyes is especially important. If your eyes are not protected, your vision can get impacted, leading to vision loss or blindness. Eyes are complex organs that are made up of a number of eye parts; these parts need to function properly. If not, various eye problems or eye disorders can happen to you. (Image to be added soon)

Treatment of Glaucoma: – Eye drops prescribed by eye specialists can help in treating glaucoma at an early stage. If the disease is very chronic, the doctor may suggest surgery or laser treatment.

Treatment Of Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Surgery can be an option. Other than that, a special combination of minerals and vitamins called the AREDS Formula can slow down its progression.

General Symptom: Headaches and blurry vision. Treatment: Cataract surgery or any other prescribed medicine by your eye specialist.

General Symptoms: Puffy eyes and bulging eyes Treatment: Eye drops, glasses, and other medicines.

General Symptoms: Eyes pointing in a different direction, poor vision in one eye. Treatment: Use of glasses and contact lenses; patching of the stronger eye.  

There are various reasons behind blindness globally, but cataract is one of the biggest causes of blindness in individuals. What is more surprising that despite cataracts being one of the most treatable eye disorders, it still renders a significant number of individuals blind every year. A patient suffering from cataract experiences clouding of the eye lens. If the cloudy thing that is formed on the lens is not removed, it can cause legal blindness, eventually leading to total blindness.

It might be surprising to many, but childhood glaucoma is a serious ailment amongst present generation kids. Childhood glaucoma is also known as infantile glaucoma or congenital glaucoma. It is generally diagnosed in kids under one year of age. It is generally caused either due to incorrect development of the eye’s drainage system before birth or due to genetic causes.