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Class 12 Biology syllabus is prepared by our team of subject experts and the chapters listed below are arranged according to the latest syllabus of CBSE. In this class 12 Biology index, the main chapters list and its sub contents are provided, in order to assist students to learn every concept in-depth and perform their best in the examination. The complete syllabus for Class 12 Biology is provided here, which students can download and get acquainted with the topics that are essential to study in their respective classes. For more details, check the below links for the update.

11.1 Genetic Engineering 11.2  Recombinant DNA Technology

14.1  Ecosystems: Patterns and components 14.2 Productivity and decomposition 14.3  Energy flow 14.4  Pyramids of number 14.4.1  Biomass 14.4.2 Energy 14.5 Nutrient cycles 14.5.1  Carbon 14.5.2 Phosphorous 14.6  Ecological succession 14.7  Ecological services 14.7.1 Carbon fixation 14.7.2  Pollination 14.7.3  Seed dispersal 14.7.4 Oxygen release