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Heart disease is also commonly known as cardiovascular disease.

Heart disorders describe conditions resulting from the narrowing of blood vessels and blockage that leads to cardiac arrest, stroke, etc. Moreover, it leads to a sharp and shooting pain in the heart and affects its functioning in the long run. Heart disease is also commonly known as cardiovascular disease. The study of heart diseases is called as cardiology.

Various types of heart disorders occur in humans due to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Some of these are:

Advancement in the lifestyle and changes in diet results in the increase in heart disorders. Some other causes are:

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Ans. Excessive smoking, obesity, uncontrolled diet, stress and anger are the common heart disease causes and prevention of them needs to taken within time. Moreover, a higher level of bad cholesterol is responsible for heart-related issues.

Ans. Cardiovascular diseases have become a significant health issue among many people nowadays. The types of heart disease occurring among people are arrhythmia, dilated cardiomyopathy, pulmonary stenosis, mitral valve prolapse, congenital disorder, etc.

Ans. With time, there has been advancement in the field of various modern treatments of heart diseases. Medications have been a proven cure for common heart diseases, such as anti-platelet, anti-arrhythmic drugs and aspirin therapy.