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Health is one of the most crucial aspects for the well being of man.

Health is one of the most crucial aspects for the well being of man. Technically, being healthy is a state in which one is fit and devoid of any physical and mental illness. Listed below are a few of the reasons why health is important:

Any condition that causes discomfort, pain, abnormal behaviour, disorders, syndromes, infections often leads to a condition referred to as a disease. We fall ill due to numerous factors, these can be external or internal factors. Externally, we can be induced with diseases due to surroundings, physical contact with a disease-carrying vector, exposure to pathogens, consumption of contaminated food and water, inhaling toxic fumes etc. Weakened immune systems can also lead to allergies, autoimmune diseases, depression and so on. Following are a few of the reasons contributing to our ill-being:

While a body is functioning normally, how do we get to know that we have fallen sick? We feel that something is not right in our body. An organism has organ systems containing specific tissues. Tissues carry out specific functions in our body, they consist of a number of cells carrying out their basic functionality. When there is a disease, the proper functioning of our body is affected, it gives rise to a symptom or series of  symptoms , this is when we feel there is something wrong in our body, for instance, flu, cough, headaches, vomits are few of the symptoms we see as a result of a disease. A careful examination by a physician will help one diagnose a disease accurately. Diseases are classified into two types depending upon how long a disease lasts.

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