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Glucose comes from the food we take.

Introduction to Diabetes Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus or blood sugar in common language. This is a type of metabolic disorder in which the production of the insulin hormone by the pancreas, gets minimal or the produced insulin cannot be used by the body effectively. Glucose comes from the food we take. The hormone insulin helps to transport sugar from the blood into all the cells of the body so that they may store and use it for energy. If sufficient insulin is not produced in the body, then in that case glucose stays in the body itself and this condition is called prediabetes.

No, diabetes is a disorder in which blood sugar levels are abnormally high because the body does not produce enough insulin to meet its needs. As it is a disorder, it harms the nerves and causes problems with sensation. This may damage the blood vessels and may result in heart stroke or attack. This may cause chronic kidney disease and vision loss. This disorder is caused due to the three major nutrients that make up most of the food carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Sugars are one of the three types of carbohydrates along with starch and fibers.

Symptoms of diabetes depend on how much blood sugar levels are increased. People who are suffering from prediabetes may not experience symptoms initially. Symptoms are as follows:

There are generally 4 types of diabetes:

Insulin is generally injected into the body via a syringe having a very small needle or it can also be taken with an insulin pen. Steps to take insulin are as follows:

A woman with diabetes should regularly be checked. She has to take a proper diet and do regular exercise so that it doesn’t affect the baby. If she has high blood sugar levels then she is at high risk and this can result in :

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