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Genetics deals with the study of genes, genetic variations, and heredity in organisms.

Genetics deals with the study of genes, genetic variations, and heredity in organisms. It was discovered by Gregor Mendel who studied the inheritance patterns in a pea plant. The trait which made up the phenotype of the offspring was the dominant trait, while the other one was a recessive trait. Given below are a few Genetics MCQs which will help the students analyse their conceptual knowledge. The answers are also provided for your reference.

1. The tendency of an offspring to resemble its parent is known as 1. Variation 2. Heredity 3. Resemblance 4. Inheritance Also read:  Heredity 2. Who is known as the “Father of Genetics”?

Also read:  Genetics 3. The alternate form of a gene is

4. The genotypic ratio of a monohybrid cross is

Also read:  Monohybrid cross 5. The crossing of F1 to any of the parent is known as

6. Which of the following statements is true regarding the “law of segregation”?

Also read:  Law of segregation 7. Homozygosity and heterozygosity of an individual can be determined by

Also read:  Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance 9. Pea plants were used in Mendel’s experiments because

10. The smallest unit of genetic material which produces a phenotypic effect on mutation is

Also read:  Difference between genotype and phenotype 11. Mendel’s findings were rediscovered by

Also read:  Difference between gene and allele 13. When the activity of one gene is suppressed by the activity of a non-allelic gene, it is known as

Also read:  Incomplete Dominance 14. Cystic fibrosis is

Also read:  Genetic Disorders 15. 9:7 ratio in the F2 generation represents

16. A small amount of lethal mutation is always present in the population due to

17. If a plant with genotype AaBb is self-fertilized, the probability of getting AABB genotype will be (A and B are not linked)

18. How many phenotypes can occur in the human blood group ABO with alleles I A  I B  i?

Also read:  Blood Groups 19. The geometrical device that helps to find out all the possible combinations of male and female gametes is known as

20. Which term represents a pair of contrasting characters?

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