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Food is essential for the survival of living organisms.

Food is essential for the survival of living organisms. It provides us with energy to carry out daily activities and develop, grow and repair our body parts in case of any damage. Therefore understanding the importance of consuming the right kind of food becomes a necessity. Furthermore, most of the food items available today are adulterated in many possible ways. The food that we consume comes from numerable sources and the variety is huge. You can think of the last meal you had, and list down sources from which your food was obtained. This helps us understand how food varies in its sources and components.

Each dish we eat is prepared using more than one ingredient containing different nutrients along with dietary fibres and water. Some  nutrients  in our food are fats, minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates.

A diet, which contains the right amount of nutrients, roughage and water is called a balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet can never lead us to obesity. Consuming the right food is as important as having knowledge of the nutrient content of your food.

Deficiency diseases  occur in our body due to lack of nutrient supply over a long period of time. Listed below are a few deficiencies caused as a result of lack of nutrients.

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These are digested and broken down into glucose and provide energy to the body

Store energy, protects and insulates the important organs

Help in metabolism, act as enzymes, and hormones

These help in maintaining healthy bones, boost the immune system, heal wounds, repair and damage of cells and converting food into energy

Helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system and maintain healthy bones

Helps to maintain acid-base balance in the body

Facilitates the formation of haemoglobin

They help in food absorption and prevents constipation

They help in absorbing nutrients from the food and release waste from the body in the form of urine and sweat.

Takes a long time to heal, bleeding gums