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Following is a list of diagrams deemed important for the students to learn for their class 11 exams.

There are many Important Diagrams For Class 11 Biology, ranging from the alimentary canal of the cockroach to structure of a nephron. These are often asked in the exams and hence, students are requested to practice them until they are able to recreate them without any issue.

Following is a list of diagrams deemed important for the students to learn for their class 11 exams.

The alimentary canal of cockroach is an important concept student should learn. It may also be one of the first forays into animal anatomy and physiology. Drawing the diagram is relatively easy as there is only a handful of components and features to illustrate. Moreover, putting a little effort into shading may help you secure that last bit of marks. Lastly, revising  Morphology and Anatomy of Cockroach  may help secure more marks.

From an academic perspective, it is quite important to learn the various parts of the brain. When it comes to illustrating the diagram, it is moderately challenging due to the many folds and creases found on the brain’s surface. However, with enough practice, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. Moreover, ensure that you learn the theoretical concepts thoroughly as questions frequently arise from this concept.

Just like parts of the brain, the structure of the eye is an important topic for students to learn. The diagram encompasses the various anatomical parts of the human eye. Moreover, it is rather simple to draw compared to other structures on the list.

The reproductive system of the earthworm comprises of many small organs. These structures are moderately challenging to draw, but it shouldn’t be much of a concern with adequate practice. Do remember to label the small structures accurately though.

The plant cell is one of the most fundamental concepts taught in class 11. Though the concept has been taught in earlier classes, the level of detail has increased. For instance, a lot more cellular organelles have been introduced, along with their shape and structure. Illustrating a plant cell is relatively simple as there are no complex shapes or structures to draw. Ensure that this particular concept is practised thoroughly as it is a frequently asked question in exams.

The lungs are the primary organs for respiration in humans and most other vertebrates. The lungs are found on either side of the backbone and between the heart. From an academic perspective, the lungs are an important topic for students to learn in their exams. Moreover, illustrating the lung should be rather easy due to its shape. Also, ensure that all the parts are labelled correctly.

Neurons are the basic building blocks of the nervous system. It communicates with other cells via electrical signals which are sent over synapses. Academically, neurons are an important concept and are frequently asked in the exams. Drawing the diagram should be easy as the structure is not complicated or convoluted in any way. However, do practice to ensure that the image can be redrawn correctly and accurately.