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Flu characteristics affect our body as it attacks the nose, lungs and throat of a person.

Also known as Influenza, flu is a contagious respiratory illness that occurs due to influenza viruses. It is often self-diagnosable but sometimes, it becomes severe due to negligence and at times, can lead to death. Flu characteristics affect our body as it attacks the nose, lungs and throat of a person. The categories of people who are at highest risk to attain the flu are pregnant women, older people, young children and people having chronic diseases and weaker immune systems. In this article we will go through all possible flu causes, symptoms, diagnosis and complications related to it. Also, we will know about the difference between cold and flu since many people get confused with both the terms. It will be easier for them to distinguish between cold and flu after understanding the cold and flu characteristics, severity of both and what is the level of seriousness of both.

The cause of flu is viruses and it is contagious, i.e. it spreads from one person to another through sneezing, coughing and transfer of droplets from the infected person. Flu can also spread with objects that are infected with the virus.

Flu seems to have the symptoms of the common cold such as chest cold or head cold, and are also caused by viruses like cold does. However, there are some differences in the way these symptoms occur in flu and cold. Some of the symptoms of the flu are mentioned as follows:

Colds generally have milder symptoms than flu and are not a threat to health whereas the flu may cause serious health problems. Flu symptoms are abrupt and can affect your day to day routine if not paid attention for the treatment. Cold is caused due to common viruses which are less risky whereas flu are caused by viruses that occur within a specific time period with its outbreak and its vaccination and cure can be difficult to find as these will be new to the environment. Examples of flu are Swine flu (Avian influenza H1N1), seasonal influenza A (H3N2), etc. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu vaccine every year.

Ans: Some of the health problems associated with flu are known and certain complications associated with the flu as mentioned below:

Ans: Let’s compare the recent onset disease COVID 19 that shows similar symptoms to the flu. However, there are differences between the two as the COVID-19 is caused due to a new type of coronavirus; health professionals have been studying its severity, transmission and symptoms since the time of its emergence in late 2019. Covid-19 may be present in people with slower onset of illness, body ache, mild headache, coughing and sneezing. On the other hand, the flu characteristics include a rapid onset of illness, high fever, body aches and prominent headache. Be it a flu or COVID 19, it is a threat for people as it becomes difficult to fight if you haven’t got the vaccination for the specific virus. However, if one has high immunity and strong will power, he or she can definitely be successful in fighting it off and get well soon.

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