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Evolution mainly describes the change in characteristics of a species over a huge period of time.

The process by which modern organisms have descended from their ancestors, with changes in their allele frequencies, is called evolution.

Evolution is an interesting process, which helps explain and makes us understand the living world around us. Evolution mainly describes the change in characteristics of a species over a huge period of time. Explore more:  Evolution According to  Charles Darwin’s theory , evolution happens by natural selection. There are more interesting and unbelievable facts about evolution, which have been described below pointwise.

Fact – No- 1 Researchers are not sure if humans have reached the evolution peak or are still evolving. Fact – No- 2 Every living entity has evolved from a bacterium which lived billions of years ago. It is said that biological evolution started around 3.7 billion years ago. Fact – No- 3 Homo sapiens or modern man emerged 250000 years ago. The evolution of humans has taken around 5 million years. Fact – No- 4 Dinosaurs were not the first reptile to evolve. Dinosaurs came to earth 220 million years ago, whereas the first reptile crawled on land 340 million years ago. Fact – No- 5 Seals, dogs, and bears are closely related to carnivores. But they are on a different branch of the evolutionary tree than hyenas and cats. Fact – No- 6 Around 550 million years ago, homo sapiens had a common ancestor with a rod-like sea animal called lancelet. Fact – No- 7 The  human brain  is getting smaller due to evolution. According to scientists, our brain started getting smaller around 20000 years ago. Fact – No- 8 The wings of penguins evolved into flippers. As swimming was easy for transportation the little wings of penguins evolved into flippers. Fact – No- 9 Human beings share about 31% of their genes with a single living cell yeast that replicates itself every 90 minutes. Fact – No- 10 Some dolphins and whales have small bones inside them, which shows that these species once had legs and their ancestors could walk on land. This bone appears as a rear tiny flipper. Fact – No- 11 Experts believe that goosebumps are remains of the thick hair that covered primitive humans. Fact – No- 12 No two animals are the same, even if they belong to the same species. For example, Both sharks and dolphins are aquatic organisms, with similar body features and they vary in their evolution. Dolphins are evolved from the mammals, whereas sharks are evolved from the fishes.   Also Read:  Aquatic Ecosystem Fact – No- 13 A minor change occurred inside one species can add up and generate a whole new species. Fact – No- 14 Fossils are the remains of the non-degraded parts of  living things  found within rocks. They are the only evidence for their existence of extinct species. Fact – No- 15 All humans from our ancestors are a single species. According to the fossils discovered, human species arose about 300,000 years ago. Fact – No- 16 The first basic theory of evolution was developed in the 13th century by medieval Persian scholar Nasir al-Din al-Tusi. This was developed 600 years before Darwin’s discoveries- Origin of Species. Also Read:   Speciation and Evolution Fact – No- 17 According to the records found and by the presence of small bones inside some whales and dolphins, shows that they once had back legs and that their ancestors walked on land, which occasionally reappeared as tiny rear flippers. Fact – No- 18 Birds have evolved from dinosaurs, which are both descendants of reptiles. Crocodiles are the closest living reptilian relation of birds. Fact – No- 19 All human babies develop a tail in the womb which dissolves eventually. Fact – No- 20 Human beings have little hair compared to other mammals and primates as it helps them lose heat faster, reduce parasites, etc. Also Read:   Natural Selection

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