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Class 11 Biology syllabus has been updated for the year 2020.

Class 11 Biology syllabus has been updated for the year 2020. In accordance, our team of subject matter experts have added new chapters and revised existing changes. Class 11 Biology index encompasses all relevant details – from the main units and its consequent chapters and sub-chapters. Furthermore, to assist students in their studies, every concept has been explained in a manner that enables students to understand easily. The complete syllabus for Class 11 Biology is provided here, which students can download and get acquainted with the topics that are essential to study in their respective classes. For more details, check the links below:

Disclaimer : The following topics are from the pre-2020 syllabus (as per NCERT official website).

1.1  What is living? 1.2  Biodiversity 1.3  Need for classification 1.4 Three domains of life 1.5 Taxonomy and systematics 1.6  Concept of species  and  taxonomical hierarchy 1.7  Binomial nomenclature 1.8  Tools for study of taxonomy 1.8.1 Museums 1.8.2 Zoological parks 1.8.3 Herbaria 1.8.4 Botanical gardens 1.8.5 Keys for identification.

6.1 Anatomy and functions of different tissues and tissue systems in dicots and monocots. 6.2  Secondary growth

11.1  Movement of water, gases and nutrients 11.2 Cell to cell transport 11.2.1  Diffusion 11.2.2  Facilitated diffusion 11.2.3  Active transport 11.3  Plant-water relations 11.3.1  Imbibition 11.3.2  Water potential 11.3.3  Osmosis 11.3.4 Plasmolysis 11.4 Long-distance transport of water 11.4.1 Absorption 11.4.2  Apoplast 11.4.3  Symplast 11.4.4  Transpiration pull 11.4.5  Root pressure 11.4.6  Guttation 11.5  Transpiration 11.5.1  Opening and closing of stomata 11.6  Uptake and translocation of mineral nutrients 11.6.1 Transport of food 11.6.2 Phloem transport 11.6.3 Mass flow hypothesis