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Calories are a measure of units of energy.

To stay fit, for optimal health and for well-being, having a healthy or a balanced diet is the must for the human body. A balanced diet includes all the basic requirements of nutrients, including carbohydrates,  vitamins, proteins, fats, fibre and a lot more. A healthy diet provides all the essential nutrients for survival, growth and for our body organs to function accurately.

A balanced diet could be simply defined as the food that gives our body the  nutrients  it needs to function properly. In order to avail truly balanced nutrition, one must obtain the major share of the daily calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Calories are a measure of units of energy. Calorie in a diet or a meal could be defined as the amount of energy conserved in food which is in turn used by the body to perform several activities. Three meals that are consumed by a person in a day should be comprised of six hundred fifty to seven hundred calories each. Again the total intake of calories varies between men and women, children and adults, etc. Consume a diet based on carbohydrate-rich food such as potatoes, bread and rice; with plenty of fruits and vegetables; foods that are rich in  proteins  such as fish, lentils and meat; milk and food made of dairy products; and not too much fatty, oily, salt or sugar, and rest assured it would give all the nutrients needed. One should eat a wide variety of food in the right proportions and consume plenty of water to achieve and maintain healthy body weight.

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