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Aves are a class of endothermic vertebrates, commonly known as birds.

Aves are a class of endothermic vertebrates, commonly known as birds. These animals fall under the phylum Chordata carrying specific features such as toothless jaws with beak, lying of eggs with a hard shell, etc. Estimated 9000 species of Aves are present in the terrestrial animal kingdom. The capability of flying is the most dominant feature of this species. Their lightweight skeleton structure with strong but hollow bones helps them to fly. Along with these salient features of Aves, the most visually attractive and remarkable characteristic is their colourful feather. A wide range of feather with its unique pattern can be seen in the class of animals. Aves are also called social animals as they can build nests, show territorial behaviour, and engage in courtship. Example Some of the Aves examples are Pigeon, Parrot, Sparrow, Owls, Penguins, Hummingbird, Crow, etc. Aves Characteristics Some general characteristics of Aves are the following-

Classification of Aves Aves can be categorised into two classes. Here is the Aves classification up to order-

This class of Aves is extinct. Their beaked jaw had teeth and tail was long like a lizard. Example – Archaeopteryx

This class of Aves is both extant and extinct. They have toothless beaked-jaw and a short tail. Example : Duck, Penguin, etc.  

Birds belong to the phylum Chordata of the kingdom Animalia.

Aves is the class name of birds. It’s clade is Ornithurine.

Some important Aves characteristics are – Aves have a beaked jaw with no tooth, most members of this species can fly, lay eggs, and has colourful feathers.

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