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Archaebacteria are one of the oldest living organisms (to be known) on Earth.

Archaebacteria are one of the oldest living organisms (to be known) on Earth. They are classified as bacteria because many of their features resemble the bacteria when observed under a microscope. They belong to the kingdom Archaea and hence are named Archaebacteria. They share slightly common features with eukaryotes but are completely different from prokaryotes. They are known as extremophiles as they can easily survive under typically harsh conditions, for example, the bottom of the sea and the vents of a volcano. (image will be uploaded soon)

Following listed are some of the basic as well as important characteristics of archaebacteria:-

Archaebacteria can be categorized on the basis of their phylogenetic relationship. Following listed are some of the major kinds of archaebacteria:-

Following points determine the importance of archaebacteria:-

Following listed below are some examples of archaebacteria:-

A:- An archaebacterium gets energy in several different ways depending upon the type it is. Some archaea are lithotrophs, i.e, they obtain their energy from inorganic compounds such as sulfur or ammonia, and use an electron transport chain for the production of ATP. Other archaea which are phototrophs and obtain their energy from sunlight, however photosynthesis does not occur.

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