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Approximately, there are over 180 million people all across the globe who intake drugs continually.

Drug or substance abuse is the result of the continuous intake of specific chemicals for creating pleasurable effects on the human brain. Approximately, there are over 180 million people all across the globe who intake drugs continually. Moreover, this problem is increasing at an alarming rate with time. People between age gaps 18 to 20 are facing an adverse impact of substance abuse; especially youths less than 30 years of age are getting involved in the consumption of these chemicals. The drug and alcohol abuse in adolescence causes irrevocable damage and hampers their mental state. Psychoactive drugs are substances that cause abuse in teenagers, and one can use it due to the following factors:

Consequences of Drugs and Alcohol Abuse The drug and alcohol abuse in adolescence can create havoc in their lives, and impact their families adversely as well. Some of the common harmful effects of substance abuse in young adults and teenagers are –

Pro Tip – For studying chemistry projects for class 12 on drugs, check our website and improve your knowledge! How to Prevent Drugs Abuse in Adolescence? With time, the government has taken necessary preventive and control measures to curb the spread of substance abuse among adolescents. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) checks and monitors the use of over-the-counter chemicals. Moreover, many investigatory projects on drug addiction initiative have taken place to prevent the use of such substances. There are specific preventive ways to reduce intake of substances, such as –

However, one can seek medical attention if the situation gets worse. Many rehabilitation homes and help centres are present to help such cases. Test Your Knowledge Here are some questions on a drug addiction project for testing your abilities. Try to solve them to ace your studies!

Ans. Increase in the rate of drug and alcohol abuse in adolescence can result in poverty. It can lead to financial losses in a family, and one can lose mental stability with time. Under such circumstances, children are worse affected as it hampers their natural growing up process.

Ans. Alcohol and tobacco are the most frequently used drugs among children, followed by marijuana.

Ans. The drugs and alcohol abuse class 12 is near about 40 per cent among high school goers, whereas it is 30 percent among 10th graders and roughly 13 per cent among 8th graders.

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