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Apart from that, it also performs other vital functions.

Kidneys are one of the most essential organs in our body as it aids in removing toxins and additional water from our body and filter our blood. Apart from that, it also performs other vital functions. When it is unable to remove toxic wastes from our body properly, it is termed as kidney failure. It is also known as renal failure. It is the last stage of kidney or renal disease.

Several factors can cause kidney failure in our body. Some of them are mentioned below –

So, how do you know if your kidneys are failing symptoms? It is essential to keep in mind that except in some instances, kidneys do not lose their ability to function overnight. Instead, kidney failure happens slowly over years or months. In the early stages of kidney damage, there are usually no symptoms, so it is almost impossible to detect. Individuals start exhibiting signs of kidney failure when the disease has already progressed to later stages. Some of the kidney failure symptoms that one may experience are as follows –

Apart from that, other symptoms of kidney problems are urine may contain blood, or it may be foamy, which means there is a protein in the urine. The urine may be dark red or purple in such cases. Additionally, because of blood loss, he or she may also suffer from anaemia which is another indication of kidney failure.

A person who is exhibiting some of the kidney failure symptoms mentioned above should consult his medical advisor immediately for a check-up.

As of yet, no cure for kidney failure has been invented. However, there are treatments available, which allows an individual to live a healthy and active life even after that particular organ’s failure. If the kidney disease has not progressed to severe stages yet, medication is prescribed, which help in controlling the kidney failure symptoms and reduce any further complications. If the disease is at the final stage, then there are two treatment options –

Ans. Apart from excretion of toxic waste through urine, kidneys also aid in creating hormones.

Ans. Some kidney failure symptoms are fatigue, dry and itchy skin, swelling in ankles and feet, muscle cramps etc.

Ans. Two factors that can cause kidney disease are blood clot in or around kidneys and severe dehydration.