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Answer: c 18.Coconut is which type of fruit:

Answer: c 18.Coconut is which type of fruit:

a.Mother axis b.Thalamus c.Root d.Pedicel Answer: b

Answer: Flowering plants or angiosperms have flowers that contain their sexual organs. Flowers reproduce and give rise to fruits, which include the plant’s seeds by which more plants can be grown. Non-flowering plants do not grow flowers; they may be wind-pollinated to produce seeds or gymnosperms or produce spores which are very tiny living cells of a plant on which they originate and are fertilized away from the original organism that can be used to reproduce and grow more plants like them. Roses, tulips, marigolds and some are very well known flowering plants while algae, ferns and mosses are non-flowering plants.

Answer: Sunflower is an inflorescence or a capitulum(Head), not a flower. In sunflowers, the peduncle is flattened, which is known as a receptacle. The inflorescence is surrounded by a whorl of bracts collectively called involucres. In the repository, two kinds of florets are present, ray florets and disc florets. Rays florets are zygomorphic, unisexual female, corolla ligulate or strap-shaped. Disc florets are actinomorphic, bisexual, corolla tubular, present in the centre. Ray florets are present towards the periphery, and disc florets are present in the centre, e.g., Compositae or Asteraceae family-sunflower or Helianthus, Tagetes or marigold and Dahlia. So knowing sunflowers as a flower was wrong.

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